WOW Church

PO Box 41
618 State 371 NW
Backus MN 56435 

WOW People with God's goodness and grace

of the Nazarene


We are about "Wow'ing" people with God's goodness and grace.  What we want to do is develop walk on water faith in every life we can reach! 

Our church has been together for many years (over 60!) but we are very excited about the new vision God has given us and we look forward to helping as many as we can develop great friendships with people and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • We believe in great friendships!
  • We connect through amazing small groups!
  • Connection also takes place in our volunteer teams!
  • We gather weekly for a worship experience and pray that people walk out saying "Wow, what did Jesus just do in my life"?
  • We are in constant pursuit of holiness
  • We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God
  • We believe in sanctification (separate unto God - see Romans 8:39)
  • We believe that every life matters to God and that it is our Christian responsibility to make as many disciples of all the nations as we can.
  • We believe in the trinity.  God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The WOW Church of the Nazarene is located on MN highway 371 in Backus, MN
We have two mission fields we serve as a denomination.  First, our heart is for the local missions and reaching people who are far from God.  Second, globally to those who need help and hope.  We work with the World Evangelism Fund to accomplish this.  We are always looking for missional people to help share the love and hope of our Lord, Jesus Christ with the world